"He grew-up too, my dad, at the Children’s Home. He used to tell us, 'I used to be all by myself. No mom, no dad.' He used to really like it. "


What do you remember about Mr. Drebert?





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    Yeah, he used to stay here every time when he’s going to come in. He used to go down and stay at our house, my parent’s house. Before they had me baptized, (my parents) said to Drebert, I don’t know what I’m going to give her name. And then he asked my Dad, I’m going to give her the name of my older sister Edith. Go ahead! He give me his sister Edith’s name. He named me. Every time when I’d go he’d bring me everything, Mr. Drebert! And one time on Christmas they gave me Christmas presents, small cups, tiny cups and tiny saucers. I used to go under the table with them and eat by myself. They never did nothing to me. I really liked him.

Can you tell me about your Dad and his time at the
Children’s Home?



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    He grew-up too, my dad, at the Children’s Home. He used to tell us, “I used to be all by myself. No mom, no dad.” And then they put him in Children’s Home, my dad. Yeah, but I don’t know what… I think he said 1920-something was when he was born so he stayed up there… 1930’s I wonder?


    He used to tell stories to us, and he grew-up at Children’s Home, my dad. He used to really like it.


Do you remember when you first went there?

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    I went up in November, must be 1940. I was at the hospital first, stay in the hospital and Mr.Schattschneider come down and pick me up from hospital and we go up to Children’s Home. Boy I was really mad. Because his dogs were really slow! My Dad’s dogs used to really run fast and when he used to go hunting upriver, up around to Aniak, he used to go from Napakiak just straight to Aniak. Hunting and snaring, he would catch lots and sell them.

What did you miss after you left the home?

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    It was really good staying up there. But I missed it when I go home, after I stay up there. My friends, and we’d go to church Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. And play around and pick berries. Blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, salmonberries, and sometimes we’d go by boat. A lot of big blueberries! It was really good and I missed it for a while. I would keep thinking of my friends.


What did you learn there?

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    Good things I learned, I started sewing, knitting… everything. Mrs. Rank and Mrs… she used to teach us. Knitting and sewing. And sometimes we always made knitting. I don’t know for what they need it.